Which massage oil to use


For someone that is involved in massage therapy, be it as a masseuse or as a client, we should all be aware of some facts about massage oils. We can actually get much more out of a typical massage session if we in fact choose the oil that is most suited to us.

Usually for a decent full body hours massage session we will use about a 30ml supply of massage oil (depending on the type used). First of all it is normally a good idea for a masseuse to keep a good variety of oils in stock as they will find that some clients prefer certain oils to others, and also that some clients maybe allergic to certain ingredients that are contained within certain oils.

Some of the main things to think about when choosing a massage oil

Density – More often than not a very dense oil is not what we are looking for when carrying out a full body sensual tantric massage as it is hard to get into rhythmic strokes

Absorption – We don’t actually want the oil to absorb too quickly into the skin and at the same time we don’t want an oil that is too sticky. If the skin absorbs the oil too quickly then we just end up using more of it!

Drying Time – This can be a pain for both during the massage and after. Something like hemp oil is well known to have this issue and should be avoided for body massaging

Moisturizing – It is good to find an oil that not only feels great but also has moisturizing properties on the skin which can also bring health benefits to the skin also

Aroma – It is best to choose an oil that has a very popular or neutral aroma. There is nothing worse than an oil that puts off a client purely through the aroma of the massage oil


Setting a Scene for a Good Tantric Massage

Tantric massage done correctly as previously discussed offers a plethora of benefits to people that use it and embrace it, but one important factor that some relative newcomers to the scene can overlook is how important setting the scene is to a successful session of tantric therapy

There are lots of things that need to be done correctly here from the music to the lighting to the aroma in the room. It really is attention to detail that is necessary here. Some of our top tips are listed here:

Lighting – Most would go for candles as many people associate candles with romance and they definitely are the best option if you can. When going for candles care does need to be taken that you have safe stands to avoid any catastrophes and scented candles are usually a good idea!

Music – There is a whole range of dedicated tantric style music available on the internet and from some tantric organizations which is perfect for your tantric massage. You will always need something slow and sensual to help your mind focus.

Aroma – Here it is good to pay attention to nice scented candles as mentioned but also some nice aromatherapy oil. Something like lavender is a nice one to aid with relaxation and one that is used by many tantra therapists

Table – If you are serious about tantra then a good table could be an idea. If not a very good mattress. Either way being comfortable when giving an receiving the massage is a must for anyone looking to give a good tantric massage

One example of a company that does follow all of the above is the Exciting agency who really do specialize in a sensual london tantric massage by taking all of the account into consideration and following all tantric principles in the process


A bit about Maya Massage

Maya massage really does offer the supreme tantric or nuru massage service in London. We have lots of different tantric masseuses who are available daily to give sensual and erotic massage services in London. We do also offer a bespoke and high class visiting or outcall massage to our clients also and we ensure that this service is both professional and also the best quality massage service is delivered by our great team of masseuses. One of the important things to us is to make sure that all of our masseuses provides a very professional service and therefore you can rest assured that you will get a first class service at all times when you choose us for your massage therapy!

A good and authentic tantric massage can have many different benefits to clients that partake in this form of therapy ranging for much increased sexual pleasure to a increased calm in body, mind and spirit. This can be a perfect form of therapy to those that are suffering from high levels of stress and tension as well as those that may have some sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and a low libido.

This is one of the reasons that our tantric massage for couples service has become so popular as it can be a great way to fop couples to regain closeness and enahnce relationships as well as increasing libido with partners. Through the different breathing techniques that are practised in Tantra teachings one can also learn to counter issues such as premature ejaculation for example which can for some people can cause a big problem which can last for many months and in some cases years.

Maya Visiting Massage

We totally understand that many of our clients are very busy and therefore in some cases coming down to our london tantric massage parlour maybe difficult. This is the reason that we make sure that we have a team of masseuses who are on hand to visit you at either your home residence or your hotel in the central london area. As long as you provide us with a minimum of one hours notice we can usually get one of our tantric masseuses to provide a visiting massage for you.

We are open daily from 10 in the morning until midnight and so if you would like to take advantage of our outcall service then please call us today

Tantric Massage Benefits

There are of course many different benefits to those that use our tantric massage london service but some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Aids with De-stressing and tension
  • Promotes a much better sleep
  • Increased sexual awareness and deeper and more intense orgasms
  • Aids with people suffering from premature ejaculation
  • Promotes closeness with couples through our couples service
  • Increased Libido

Other Services

As well as the traditional tantric service that we have offer there are also many other forms of therapy that we provide which are both erotic and sensual and can be beneficial for both physical, emotional and sexual health of clients. Some of the more popular forms of massage that we offer are:

  • Lingam & Yoni
  • Sensual & Erotic
  • Four Hands
  • Mutual
  • Prostate


We do also offer other forms of erotic massage and if you dont see the form of therapy that you require listed please feel free to call us anytime to discuss your individual requirements.


Different Types of relaxing massage

There are many different types of relaxing massage that we offer and some will be more suited to some than others. Here are some of our most relaxing therapies.

Aromatherapy Massage – this is an ancient form of massage which is skillfully combined with essential oils to target different problems. You aroma therapist / masseuse will select the massage oils that will most suit the condition that you are looking to treat or just purely for complete and total relaxation. It is quite common to combine oils to target multiple things within the same massage session

Reflexology is another option that is offered at Maya massage and is where your therapist will use reflexes in the feet to stimulate different areas of the body. This can truly be a great way to achieve complete and total relaxation

Hot stone Therapy – This for obvious reasons is not to everyone’s liking as some people can be slightly apprehensive to say the least having the hot stones on their back. But for those that are relaxed about it the warm basalt stones can be the perfect way to relieve muscle tension in the body and a very good way to promote wellbeing in both body and mind generally

The Complete Tantric Experience – Getting a incall or outcall tantric massage can be the perfect tonic for people looking to sooth their body and mind and also get some serious excitement at the same time. There is a lot more involved for the client in this than the other therapies as this requires active participation from the client in terms of how they perceive, understand and embrace the tantric principles that will explained to them and how they follow them during the session, as to the regards that they will get from participating in such a therapy with us


Tantric Massage for Couples

One sure fire way to kick start a dead end relationship that has completely lost its sparkle is to spice things up in the bedroom and the best choice for this is to start trying out new things and making changes. One common option is tantric massage and this has proven to be perfect for this type of problem and can really offer a much needed life line to people experiencing relationship issues where they have lost their spark

This type of couples therapy with a tantric therapist is not everyone’s idea of a good way to sort things out, but for the more open minded and confident amongst us, then this really can betantric massage London services and of these the majority will offer a couples massage service too!

The way the tantric therapist will usually work is to show you some different massage techniques that you can use on each other, and also explain some of the general principles of tantra, so that you are aware of how the philosophy really works. This will help both partners to really appreciate each others needs more in this environment and not just this, but will help both partners to actually get a better understanding of each other and to improve and enhance emotional connections between each other. By getting this deeper bond it will help to build trust and understanding to levels not attained previously

Your therapist will also go through some different breathing techniques that can be used generally by the man to make sure that he can control things a bit easier, which will help t prevent problems like premature ejaculation which realy can ruin things in the bedroom if this does become a problem. Also having this 3rd person in the equation can also help in terms of better communication and giving the outsiders view can really help in many instances for a couples massage


Massage in London by Maya

Hi!  I’m Maya a sexy masseuse with a few years experience in massage.  I love to travel and see different places.  I enjoy cooking, watching movies and great conversation.  I love the beach and warm weather! 
Come treat yourself to an AMAZING Sensual Full Body Massage.  Escape reality and come relax with me in my private massage studio office in Bay Park.  I offer a light relaxing sensual touch and deep tissue combination and respond well to whatever it is your body needs. 
I have everything we need to give you the best massage experience ever: massage table, fresh clean linens, soothing candles, unscented massage oils, hot towels, and relaxing music.  Let me melt away all your aches and pains and feel so much better all the way around!

How to relax during an erotic massage in London

If you have never had an erotic massage, it can be quite difficult to relax and stay calm the first time. This type of massage, even when done by a professional, can be enough to make a person a bit nervous. There are a few techniques that you use to find the relaxation that you seek, and not become overly excited. However, the most vital, is the breathing techniques that are developed to keep a person calm. Breathing plays a major role in the relaxation of the body. Controlled breathing should be concentrated on throughout the entire sexy erotic massage. This helps the body stay focused and not get too caught up in the erotic pleasures of the mind.


Some sensual massage tips

Erotic and sensual massage has been used for many years for couple who are looking to enhance sexual arousal or prolong the sexual experience. Studies have shown that these types of massage are very effective at helping people achieve maximum arousal and learn to take things slowly and enjoy longer love-making sessions. If you are giving a sensual or erotic massage, it is imperative that you work your hands slowly and rhythmically. You may even consider sensual oils to make the experience even more enjoyable for your partner. Controlled breathing is also a major part of sexual massage and can help each person stay relaxed and focused.


Why use sensual massage therapy?

There are many kinds of massage, each for different purposes and many of them hail from traditions spanning thousands of years. Massage is a great way to maintain health and relieve stress. After a long, hard day at work or a sweaty and strenuous day of sports training, a massage can be just the thing to relax sore muscles and soothe the mind. Sometimes, however, people may receive a particularly pleasurable erotic massage that leaves them feeling completely rejuvenated. These grateful customers may want to consider giving a tip of about 20 percent to show their thanks. If you have any questions, ask professional sensual massage parlour for help.


Regular Erotic Massage in London

A regular massage helps a person to fully relax. But a sensual or erotic massage helps a person become sexually aroused. Erotic massage focuses on or ends with the massage of the genitals, and brings couples to a more intimate level. If you wish to give your partner an erotic massage, you can find instructional books or videos online, or you can take a massage class.

Before starting an erotic massage, first remove all rings. They can scrape the skin. Make sure the room is warm or at room temperature. Never apply oil directly to the body – first, pour some onto your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Use scented oil with moisturizing properties, such as apricot kernel, jojoba or store-bought massage oil. Never press on the spine, ribs or bones because this can hurt. Shift position every ten or fifteen minutes in order to loosen any tightened muscles.

If a partner is unavailable, a professional masseuse may be able to help. Not all massage establishments offer erotic body to body massage, nor will additional payment secure one and may only lead to offense and possible refusal of further massage service. If unsure, a discrete enquiry made well in advance is the best way forward.

We also offer discreet hotel outcall massage in London and the surrounding areas